Christmas Gift Ideas

Generally I’m one of those people that bemoan the fact the the big shops, the supermarkets and the department stores seem to start Christmas earlier and earlier every year – I actually saw mince pies on the shelves of supermarkets in September this year, I mean come on! I want Christmas to be special not spread out over a third of the year! As it’s mid-November now, for me this is when I start doing a little Christmas shopping – as the festive lights start to be turned on and the weather starts to feel a little colder. But you know what? Im terrible at buying presents I seem to struggle every year so I thought I would share all my foodie gift ideas with you all in case youre the same as me.

Presents for the cookbook obsessive like me

Say It With Cake

Yes a cheeky plug! I really think this would make a great present – the look of the book is beautiful and there are recipes to fit all occasions throughout the year. I really hope that if you buy or are bought one of my books for Christmas that you really enjoy baking from it.

£18.99 (currently only about £10 online!)


Rococo is one of the chocolate shops at the forefront of the British chocolate revolution and as such it is only fair that there newest book should be a stunner. The design and look of the book is beautiful and the recipes look wonderful.

Bouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller, he of French Laundry fame also runs a bakery with 5 shops across America called Bouchon Bakery and I have been lucky enough to sample there wares whilst in New York, so was very excited to hear about this book. This volume is a very large book and filled with information and wonderful recipes, it would be the perfect present for the baker in your life.

Presents for the Caffeine inclined

Coffee Grinder

If you want the best coffee at home then grinding your own beans is a simple way to improve your morning cup. I use a cheap Krups model which is okay but want to change to this colourful model made by Bodum (to match the other red in my kitchen)

Coffee Beans
If you’ve bought someone a grinder why not add a bag of coffee beans, its a cheap addition but means the grinder can be used straight away. I buy my beans from Hasbean which you can buy direct online.
Around £5-10

I have a small London kitchen so I dont have space for a large coffee machine so how to make a good cup at home? Simple, get an aeropress. Not only are they cheap but you can make excellent coffee at home

Presents for the chef in your life

Kin Knife

I have had my chef’s knife from Kin for two years and is the best knife I’ve ever bought. They are pricey but the quality is fantastic and they will last a long time.
The Chefs knife I bought is £120

Mortar and Pestle

Not the most original gift I know but these from Rowen and Wren have a little extra in the looks department, and would make a great gift.


I really dont need any more aprons, I think at the last count we currently have 10 in the house, but I’m obsessed with this one from Gillian Kyle. I loved Tunnocks caramel wafers when I was younger and this nostalgic apron would be well used in my kitchen.

Presents for those who love baking (mum and dad this list is for your attention!)


Yes its an expensive piece of kit but it will last for years and if you love baking then this will help you bake better and quicker – I have the brushed chrome model and I love it.

Joseph and Joseph Rolling Pin

This would make a brilliant present for those just getting into baking, the pin has adjustable height guides making rolling out pastry to your desired thickness so much easier.

Tea Towel

A tea towel, really? Yes I would love this tea towel – I love it.

Copper Canele Moulds

If you follow me on twitter you know I have become a little obsessed with the french pastry Canele’s and I would love a few copper moulds, they are key to making the perfect canele but they are also gorgeous.
These are a little tricky to get hold off – E.Dehillerin in Paris sell them but the website has no prices but apparently they are about £10 each and you can often also find them on ebay


Thermapen is the best multipurpose thermometer I have used and is one of my top pieces of kit – I use it for macarons, for meat and even sometimes for bread.

Custard Cream Pillow

Last but at no means least is this custard cream pillow, they are my boyfriends favourite biscuit and I love this pillow it is just too cute!

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6 Responses to Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Lindsay says:

    I share your apron love. I wish I could say I only had 10! Unfortunately my obsession with cute new ones and making fun ones whenever I see fabric that I like means that in reality I’m probably looking at about 20 at least!

    They don’t go off though!

  2. bob says:

    great gift ideas ive got both of your cookbooks,which i love using,have had to start running again,as ive eaten so many cakes im getting big.its great to see everyone getting interested in cooking again,i cook every day,and always have.
    will have to drop bf hints for christmas,he doesnt cook at all.xx

  3. Fab ideas – def want to get your new book!

  4. I want everything! Especially a copy of your new book and the Bouchon Bakery one which looks fab. Are measurements in weight or does it use cups?

  5. Cameron McGarva says:

    Hey Edd, could you give me a tip as to a good online website for buying equipment. looking for a spring form tin.



    p.s loved your melting moments on Saturday at Maltby!

  6. ninny bakes says:

    I urge anyone reading this piece To go and buy edds book……for everyone you know…..I LOVE/ADORE/WOULDN’T BE WITHOUT mine. Gingerbread amazing…..made 4 of The christmas cakes already… marshmallows and digestives. This book Is a total must for Christmas, Easter, birthdays…….NO, It’s A must for life x

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