Pâtisserie Made Simple

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts over the last six months, yes no posts in six months! Thats not good at all, so you’ll be happy to hear that I have some great recipes coming up very soon (starting next week) and if you want something to bake over the weekend check out seriousaboutfood.eu a new site from Kitchenaid of which I am a contributor to (check out these rhubarb meringues, they would be a great bake this weekend).

The reason I have been quiet? Well I have been chained to my oven, putting the finishing touches to my next book, Pâtisserie Made Simple which I am thrilled to announce is released Oct 16th and I am very happy to be able to give you a sneak peek, by revealing the cover.

As the the title the suggests the book is all about French baking, I see it as a home bakers guide to French baking, it covers everything from the simplest biscuits and desserts up to the most elaborate patisserie. All the recipes are clearly explained and where absolutely possible only use equipment commonly found in home kitchens, same goes for ingredients. There are also plenty of step by step pictures for the basic building blocks of French baking such as choux pastry and genoise. Nearer the release date I will give you a better look at what is inside and a recipe or two to whet your appetite. I hope you are as excited about the book as I am, I have been working on the book for a year and it is by far the thing that I am most proud of in my career and I cant wait for it to be released.

If you would like to preorder you can do so here.


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La Manafucture de Chocolat

On a recent work trip to Paris I was very lucky to get access to the kitchens of the relatively new La Manafacture de Chocolat from Alain Ducasse and to chat with the head chocolate maker Nicholas Berger, a warm and knowledgeable chef who didn’t seem to mind me disrupting his day for an hour, at all. To say I was excited about this is an understatement. I love working with chocolate and have visited many production kitchens, but I’ve never been in the kitchen where chocolate is actually made so I could not wait to see it.

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I don’t often run competitions on the site but I really wanted to share this with you. I’m very lucky that when I visit my publisher I sometimes leave with a copy of a new release and last week I was given a copy of Annie Riggs fabulous new book, Sweet Things, a book packed full of candies, sweets and chocolates. Its a beautiful and inspiring book, it definitely got me itching to try out the recipes and get in the kitchen.

I like the book so much I asked for another copy so I could give one away. To go with the book I also have a Thermapen to give away too. Thermapens are one of my favourite bits of kitchen kit, useful in baking, cooking, and of course candy making. I have been using them for my macaron classes for two years and they are the best thermometer I have used! So to win the book and the Thermapen leave a comment below or pop onto twitter and retweet my tweet about the competition (To win a copy of @AnnieRigg‘s new book Sweet Things and a @Thermapen_ RT this or leave a comment on this post http://bit.ly/1bwS8vX)

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